Also included in the vote is another Caesars property

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moncler outlet sale A yes vote does not mean employees would walk off the job immediately, but it would allow their bargaining committees to call for the measure if negotiations break down.There are signs of improvement at the eight that remain, however. Atlantic City casino revenues increased 2.7 percent to $802.6 million in the first quarter of 2016, according to state data.Last summer, workers at the Trump Taj Mahal, founded by Donald Trump but now owned by billionaire investor Carl Icahn Icahn Enterprises LP, agreed to allow a strike if needed but have yet to call one, moncler outlet according to Unite Here Local 54, the union representing the workers.Thursday strike vote pertains to the Tropicana moncler outlet store casino and two properties, Caesars cheap moncler jackets Atlantic City and Bally Atlantic City, currently owned by bankrupt Caesars Entertainment Operating Company Inc.Also included in the vote is another Caesars property, Harrah Atlantic City, controlled by a separate unit not in bankruptcy.Unite Here said workers agreed to wage freezes during the recession, and now those with 25 years on the job have had only 80 cents in total raises over the last 12 years. Judge on Wednesday temporarily halted lawsuits seeking $11.4 billion in damages from Caesars Entertainment Corp. Cheap Moncler Jackets moncler outlet sale

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