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April 2010 Jon Rappoport

Canada Goose Outlet APRIL 27, 2010. First of all, I want you to know I’m doing a FREE conference call on May 4, at 6:30PM Pacific Time everyone interested in home schooling is invited. There is no sign up required. Canada Goose Outlet

buy canada goose jacket cheap The subject of the conference canada goose outlet vancouver call is my new home school canada goose outlet store montreal course, LOGIC AND ANALYSIS. I’ll lay out the details and take your questions. PLEASE get the word out to anyone you know who is a home schooler or is connected to a home school association. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Okay. So now I want to discuss a few issues in which logic has taken an extreme back seat. This is crazy stuff. The American people are dealing with canada goose outlet online store review it right now. Immigration reform, the new Arizona law, the equating of Tea Parties and militias and violent bomb throwers. The recent statements of Bill Clinton. It’s quite a mish mash.

canada goose clearance sale What I offer isn’t a strict logical analysis, but rather an editorial that expresses my frustration with the lack of logic in these swirling issues. However, I will point out a few instances of wild non logic here we go. canada goose clearance sale

Bill Clinton is one of those men who thinks he knows a great deal more than he does and then, on top of that, to show you he isn’t too, too proud about owning deep, deep wisdom, he affects the air of a studious professor who’s just canada goose outlet in chicago relaying truth in small chunks, because, well, it’s canada goose factory outlet vancouver his solemn duty to fill in the blanks for you, especially now since he’s discovered that the Tea Party is very much like a slow motion version of the Oklahoma bombing and who wouldn’t want to know thatafter all, if we’re possibly going down in a welter of bombs thrown by these Tea Partiers, we at least need time to try to call the FBI and alert them, we need time to get out the vote for the Democrats next November, we canada goose victoria parka outlet need time to insist police protect us in our homes against the mindless assaults of these Tea People, and it will have to be the police, because we don’t own guns, we know the Second Amendment has nothing to do with personal defense, canada goose outlet ontario so thanks, Bill, for the warning. Thanks for the wisdom. Where would we be, Bill, without your towering knowledge?

Canada Goose sale Bill is the guy, you might remember, who parlayed the OKC bombing of 1995 into a victory in the 1996 election. He exhorted all Americans, after the Murrah Building disaster, canada goose outlet store uk to «come home to the government.» He was Big Daddy, and a sufficient number of Americans slurped up his syrup to swing the presidential race. Canada Goose sale

Bill’s «come home» jive played well because, at the time, there was an invoked fear that six or seven militias were going to make war against the US military and win. canada goose outlet nyc It couldn’t be anything more, because (by indisputable logic) the KKK was once strong, and eugenics in America was once alive and canada goose shop uk well, and, by implication, now, ANY attempt to bar ANYONE from ANYWHERE from coming to the US and living here and enjoying full government benefits is white redneck racism and also a form of terrorism and all these Tea People canada goose outlet toronto should be jailed or stripped of citizenship. Something like that.

Canada Goose online Obama warns Arizona that they can’t just decide what’s good for their state. No, this is a federal problem, and the feds will solve it. How? No word yet. Possibly by declaring a universal amnesty forever. Yes, that would do it. Canada Goose online

Sothe Democrats have begun their 2010 election campaign in earnest.

Canada Goose Parka One small point: Actual conservatives make an argument for limited government, in line with the Constitution. Let me know when any Democrat appears who is willing to engage in a true debate about that issue, canada goose outlet phone number who is willing to defend, overtly, big, canada goose outlet authentic big government as legitimate and legal and just and Constututional. I’ve never seen it. Canada Goose canada goose outlet price Parka

The Tea People state they want limited government. As usual, the best way to rebuke canada goose outlet orlando that position is by attacking the people who are standing on it. Who cares about logic or truth or reason?

canada goose coats on sale No, let’s just listen to Bill Clinton tie all this up in a nice bow. Forget fundamentals. Forget philosophy of government. Tea Party=racism=bombs=militias=Murrah Building. Easy. Nothing to see here, just move along. canada goose outlet black friday sale canada goose canada goose vest outlet coats on sale

Canada Goose Jackets And as far as the thinking on immigration goes, it emerges this way: It’s illegal to make illegal immigration illegal, even thought it’s already illegal. Only bomb throwing racist Tea Party people posing as concerned citizens would want to declare illegal immigration illegal. The 70% of Arizona citizens who favor their new law are all relatives of Tim McVeigh. Canada Goose Jackets

canada goose And if this isn’t comprehensive enough, here’s a further analysis that might excite you: The United States isn’t a real country, because everything we now have came from conquest and canada goose outlet toronto location destruction, and therefore the Constitution is canada goose parka uk a worthless piece of scribbling whereas, I guess, there are nations somewhere that grew from nothing without any conflict or war and nobody was killed, and peace and love naturally evolved into a benign government. If not, no true nations exist anywhere, and therefore we may as well take and grab and rob and steal and plunder whatever we can get our hands on, because it doesn’t matter. May as well have a billion people living in the US or Canada or England or France. Whoever can get here can live here. Let’s all go down with the ship. We don’t deserve better. canada Canada Goose Outlet goose

canada goose clearance I’m just trying to find the logic behind some of these arguments about law, immigration, Tea Party, racism, and the like. I’m trying. canada goose clearance

APRIL 14, 2010. I’m approaching home schooling parents with this course, because I believe a revolution in the education system should begin at home, with the family.

buy canada goose jacket There are several confusions about how logic relates to faith, and I’d like to clear those up. buy canada goose jacket

cheap Canada Goose Consider the amazing amount of information floating around in our culture. Books, articles, internet postings, television news, videos, lectures, seminars, political talk, sales pitches, public relations chatter, scientific claims, educational material, and so on. In this arena, there are HUGE numbers of logical errors. As a reporter and educator, I’ve been cataloguing the errors for 25 years. cheap Canada Goose

canada goose black friday sale If children approach this mountain range of information with no understanding of logic, they will accept some ideas and canada goose uk reject other ideas in unpredictable ways almost on a random basis. They will walk unarmed into the future and have no basis for judgment. canada goose black friday sale

Who in his right mind wants to encourage or condone canada goose outlet real a situation like this?

That’s why I created the LOGIC AND ANALYSIS course. It provides a very thorough grounding in a tradition that is all about rational thought. The student gains the ability to analyze information from many different fields and find the flaws. The student becomes very skilled at using the superb tools of logic.

canada goose deals On the other hand, there is faith. This is very personal and very profound. Logic doesn’t touch faith. It is a separate subject. canada goose deals

canadian goose jacket I have found, in fact, that people armed with logic become much clearer about their own faith. Why? Because they aren’t trying to put that faith under the magnifying glass of analysis. They understand that faith and logic are two different worlds. canadian goose jacket

However, when people try to attack faith with their own version of logic, those who really know logic can respond immediately and lucidly and fend off those arguments with great ease.

canada goose store When, many years ago, I studied the great Western philosophers especially Plato, the father of rational thought I was struck by how clearly he admitted his own faith. canada goose store

canada goose coats These days, some scientists are finally coming to grips with these issues. They are climbing down off their high horses and saying there are matters beyond the scope of the physical sciences canada goose coats.