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moncler outlet store Animal shelters in the North Bay are seeing an unusual spike in abandoned Brazilian Mastiffs that rescuers say are likely being bred to guard pot farms.]]>WILLITS (KPIX 5) Animal shelters in the North Bay are seeing an unusual spike in abandoned Brazilian Mastiffs that rescuers moncler outlet store say are likely being bred to guard pot farms.Brazilian mastiffs cheap moncler aren commonly seen in Northern California, but Rocket Dog Rescue in Oakland say they pulled more than a dozen of the dogs from shelters in Ukiah and Willits in just moncler outlet online the past few months.It is a trend they say is concerning.8 month old Charlie is just one of the Brazilian Mastiffs recently rescued from a Ukiah animal shelter.unusual to see them. And to see litter after litter, you know. Just popping up at these shelters, it pretty alarming, said Pali Boucher with Rocket Dog RescueBoucher explained that this type of mastiff was historically used to guard plantations in Brazil.Now she thinks people are breeding them for one specific purpose in the North Bay counties: to protect the area prevalent marijuana grows.been finding them up in the Willits area and Ukiah, said Boucher. moncler outlet store

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