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canada goose coats 20 and plans to make a report later this year.In an interview, Tobash, canada goose womens outlet who attended the PSERS meeting, said he appreciates any pension system effort to save canada goose outlet online money but added that is commission will make its recommendations in a few short months, and it important for the teachers not to lock themselves into any long term positions here.The discussion matters because PSERS has only about $56 for every $100 it expects to pay for future pensions. To keep the plan from running out of money, Pennsylvania state canada goose vest outlet taxpayers and local school district property taxpayers are assessed a surcharge of more than 30 cents for every dollar paid to teachers and other school employees.PSERS says the deficit was fed by governors and legislators of both parties in the 2000s when they failed to pay steady contributions to keep the system solvent. Torsella says the use of a wide variety of private asset managers has drained pension canada goose outlet toronto address assets without boosting returns, and has served to corrupt public officials, including two of his recent predecessors who have been found guilty of federal criminal canada goose outlet london uk charges in connection with their actions towards money managers seeking fees.Does PSERS pay too much to private contractors? Investors calculate net investment income, after fees are paid, when they measure canada goose outlet orlando money managers performance. canada goose coats

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